Nay The Producer Presents Nay Area : The Compilation Pt. 1

    Nay The Producer Presents -

    Nay Area:

    The Compilation Pt. 1

    My album is now available on all store outlets! Some of the work that I've produced over the years with different artists!


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    1st Single off the album!



    It inspired me to produce this track, it gives you a little insight of what i've been through in life! ​

  • Female Producer/Artist/Song-Writer/Engineer



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    Photo by Alamphoto


    Making a R&B Beat

    Remind Me - Nay The Producer ft. The Kid Rated R

    Nay The Producer - Take It All Ft. Timothy Rhyme & Ceci Simone

    Frank Ocean - Thinking About You REMIX (Cover)

    The Making of "Immortal"

    Parris Lové - Take Me To Love (Prod. by Nay The Producer)

    Timothy Rhyme The Vintage Tour July 5th 330 Ritch in SF - Rymeezee & NayTheProducer

    Vintage Tour Harlows 7.7.12 Sacramento Ca (Nay The Producer)

    Vintage Tour - Shenanigans in Reno Keno

    First Dirt x Paid Dues 2013 Performance

    Parris Lové - Paradise (Prod. by Nay The Producer)

    Lysten - Nappy on me Ft. Nay The Producer (Prod. by Nay The Producer)

    Marc & Nay Ft. Nailah Souder ''I GOTT GO''

    Timothy Rhyme Ft. Jeff K "Immortal" (Prod. by Nay The Producer & Ms.Keys)

    Timothy Rhyme - Broke Anthem (Prod. by Nay The Producer)

    Nay The Producer -Solo

    PLUGZxCONNECTIONS - Rymeezee (Prod. by June Jissle)

  • About Nay

    Janaye Adams, better known as Nay The Producer. Is a Producer/Song-writer/Artist/Engineer. Born in Oakland, CA, raised most of her childhood in Richmond, CA then from middle school up she resided in Vallejo, CA. Nay started making music at the age of 3, playing the bell in her Mother's West African dance company. She fell in love with jazz & classical at a young age. Nay bounced back and forth from Chicago and California after her Mother passed but Nay played the trumpet from elementary through high school playing in Jazz and Concert band. She became drum major her senior year of high school. She started producing music at the age of 19. Nay has an inexplicable vision, her style of music is very diverse from R&B, Hip Hop and Pop she is very unique. In 2011 Nay was dubbed the “Female Dr. Dre” at the iStandard Producers Showcase in the Bay Area by industry judges, Cozmo (Producer), Klypso (Producer) and J. Ellis (A&R of Rap A Lot Records). She released her freshman mixtape titled “Long Way From Home” December of 2011 to show her diversity and lyricism. She was later picked up by Indie Hip Hop Label First Dirt in 2011 & went on the Northern CA portion of The Vintage tour with Timothy Rhyme. In 2013, she appeared on the Paid Dues Music Festival with First Dirt opening up for Macklemore & Kendrick Lamar which led to the FDCA Tour. Nay later moved on to become CEO/Producer of HeirBourne Collective with the owner Rymeezee. Unfortunately during those years in 2012 Nay was diagnosed with lupus, She was working for a solar company at the time. After that flare ups she was put on disability because she couldn't do too much without being fatigued. From there she was hospitalized from time to time for the next couple of years. Later when everything was stable in 2014, she decided to go for her dreams and apply to go to college for music and she applied to SAE Institute a music production and engineering college. Once she graduated in December 2014. Everything went down hill from there, she had 2 strokes and was in multiple comas. Now she's paraplegic and has a speech deficiency but through all of that she is still making music, that's her passion in life!

    I work in ProTools, Ableton, Logic, Reason & I started in Garageband


  • Long Way From Home II

    Here is Long Way From Home II, this will be my last album due to the fact that in 2015 I had 2 strokes and my voice will never be the same but I will still be making music, just focused on production. From 2015 to the present day I'm still recovering from my health issues. This project is a build up of music from 2010-2014. From the young 20's to to the late 20's of my life, dealing with the ups and downs of relationships and partying.

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    Lysten To

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    Comeback of the Century

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    Long Way From Home

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    Her She The Other Species

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    Bright by Timothy Rhyme (Prod. by Nay The Producer)

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    Falcon Heights by Lysten Ft. Palesa (Prod. by Nay The Producer)

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    Marc & Nay " The Last of The 80'S"

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    Rymeezee "Bourne Bad II"

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    Nay The Producer's Long Way From Home II

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